An Orchestra ForCommunity Folk

We are the Yardarm Folk Orchestra - we're unique!
Community folk orchestras are rare but we are a registered charity with over 60 active members of all ages and abilities and perform for voluntary donations at community events across Essex, Sussex, Kent and London. We are expanding the group and are seeking more new members to join us.

Our Unique FolkTraditional tunes - with a twist!

Traditional genres evolve as they reach new generations of people, encouraging new musical ideas and interpretations.  Folk music is no exception.

We aim to celebrate the roots of traditional folk music, but to also make the genre accessible to musicians of all abilities. We have a structured but fun approach to folk revival and world music performance, putting our own unique twist on many famous tunes.

The Yardarm Folk Orchestra celebrates Folk from around the world through its lively and spirited appearances appealing to audiences both young and old.


The Full Folk OrchestraBig Group Performances

The Yardarm Folk Orchestra plays British and international folk music throughout the region.  We have played at over 650 community, charity and fundraising events including festivals in Sussex, Essex, Kent and London, the Leigh Folk Festival and Tenterden Folk Festival.  We have also performed at well-known venues including the London Palladium and Cliffs Pavilion.

The full orchestra features a range of percussion, woodwind, brass and stringed instruments, creating a unique eclectic sound with influences from around the world.

Our Specialist GroupsDiverse Folk

We also have several small groups available to play at themed historical and theatrical events, each specialising in eclectic genres from around the world.


The Russian Folk

Six members playing traditional Russian Folk music

The Yardarm Ceilidh Band

Seven members playing ceilidhs and barn dances


Four members playing Klezmer and eastern European folk and gipsy music

"Join us! Enjoy making music, making new friends and becoming a part of our fun and lively orchestra!"Malcolm Reid, Musical Director